Here at Neo Direct, we have an array of kitchen appliances to transform the way you use your kitchen. Whether you’re part of a busy family or living alone, you’ll find appliances to improve the overall usability of your kitchen. Discover our electric stand mixers which can assist you in creating some of your favourite recipes. Cook food quickly with our multi-purpose pressure cookers, perfect if you’re always on the go, or get creative with our stand mixers and soup makers which are great for creating your own soups and smoothies. If you’re looking to transform your kitchen, be sure to check out our range of bar stools which are perfect for kitchen islands or tables.

We stock a vast range of kitchen accessories, whether you’re looking for a practical component to improve your cooking or want to get creative with mouth watering beverages using one of our slush machines, you’ll find a collection of kitchen appliances ideal for parties, events or every day.


Kitchen appliances

Rely on Neo Direct to supply you with kitchen appliances that aid the smooth running of your kitchen, our electric stand mixers are great when cooking from scratch – you can easily whip egg whites, cream, and mashed potato, as well as easily shredding chicken breasts and preparing pizza or bread dough. Our multi-purpose pressure cookers are perfect if you’re in a rush and are ideal for meat and stews.

Kitchen products at Neo Direct

If you’re looking to make the most out of leftover fruit and vegetables, our blenders are great for combining and creating unique flavours,  meaning you can enjoy your own soups and smoothies. Our range of kitchen appliances can assist you in creating some tasty recipes for you and your family to enjoy. If you’re wanting to improve the look of your kitchen, be sure to check out our barstools that make the ideal addition to your kitchen island. Be sure to check out our cleaning products to help keep your kitchen clean and tidy.