Mornings are often too busy to think about breakfast, but with our electric egg boilers, you’ll be able to enjoy hassle-free meal time. From soft boiled to hard-boiled, you can choose a setting that suits your taste buds without any compromise. Our egg boilers are perfect for a practical cooking solution while remaining in keeping with your kitchen decor. To see more, why not browse our pressure cookers, kettles and stand mixers collection here at Neo Direct.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? For perfect eggs every time, you need an egg boiler from Neo Direct. Whether hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached or in an omelette, our egg cookers are a time-saving solution guaranteeing a quick and easy, hearty breakfast every morning. Our egg holders are the perfect way to keep your eggs stored before cooking!

Egg boilers

Have you ever tried to make perfect eggs, only to find that you’ve over or undercooked them? An egg cooker provides the perfect solution to this common problem. By using the handy measuring cup, simply measure your water based on how many eggs you want to cook and to what consistency (soft, medium or hard) for perfect eggs, guaranteed. Boil up to 7 eggs at once, use the poaching tray to poach two eggs at a time, or use the steaming tray for omelettes or steaming other foods.

Why should I choose an egg cooker?

If you’re someone that loves eggs but is short on time, the egg cooker is the appliance for you. With a built-in buzzer that tells you when your eggs are ready and an automatic cut off system to ensure that the eggs don’t overcook, you can simply let the egg cooker make breakfast for you! Compact, easy to clean and available in a range of colours to suit the style of your kitchen, you’ll wonder how you survived without this perfect little appliance. For more tasty and time-saving meal options, shop our soup makers and pressure cookers too.