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How To Host The Best Garden Party

How To Host The Best Garden Party

Hosting a garden party can be stressful but there’s no need for it to be! Here at NEO Direct, we have assembled some of the finest tips for you to consult so that those worries about hosting a BBQ can melt away just like the ice in your drink.


BBQ Garden Furniture 

One way to impress your guests is by having the best BBQ garden furniture and here at NEO Direct, we have just the pieces that will make your neighbours jealous. Firstly you will need a place for your guests to sit and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be scrambling to find the ‘emergency chairs’ hours before your guests arrive. It’s best to be prepared and we have a selection of essential garden party furniture that will take your BBQ to the next level. 

Heat your guests with a 2KW Electric Quartz Garden Patio Heater which will radiate heat up to 15 square metres so no one has the excuse of going home early because they’re cold. The heater is waterproof and can be adjusted to 3 different heat settings making it a must-have piece for a garden party. 

If you don’t think that this will impress your in-laws or hard to impress neighbours then we’re pretty sure that this next piece will. A black fire pit is the perfect fixture to gather around when the sun sets and can double up as a BBQ during the day. 


The all singing all dancing BBQ

Over the years the BBQ has become a status symbol of garden parties and here at NEO Direct, we have the perfect show-off piece for you to cook with. A large BBQ will keep the ‘dads and uncles corner’ of the gathering in awe at the sheer functionality of the fixture. With multiple compartments for cooking and storing food, your guests won’t be left hungry (unless you burn the sausages) and will allow you to cook different items throughout the party with ease.


How to get a BBQ going

Let’s set the scene – your guests have all arrived and are chatting away with their drinks in their hands. Then your neighbour (Sandra, from number 4 who always reminds you which bin should out) rubs her stomach and declares that she’s “quite peckish” and asks when the BBQ food will be ready. Usually, this would make your heart sink and cause you to stress, but after following the handy tips we are about to give you, you can calmly tell Sandra that the “food shouldn’t be too long – sausage or burger?”.


How to light a BBQ

  • Preparation is key! You will want to set up the BBQ before your guests arrive and make sure that it is away from the main area where guests will be sitting, away from trees or fences. You are setting up an open fire so you need to be careful of your surroundings and keep an eye out for any children or pets that could be around.
  • Ensure that you use long-handled BBQ tools as you don’t want to burn any fingers. A trip to A and E will definitely not get you a nomination for ‘Best Garden Party of the Year Award”. 
  • Buy good quality charcoal as this will ensure that the fire lights easily, for longer and will cook the food (Sandra doesn’t want food poisoning). 
  • Set the charcoal out in a stack and place the occasional firelighter or scrumpled newspaper ball between the coals as this will make sure that the coals start to heat up. 
  • It is important to know when your coals are ready to cook over. Follow our coal colour guide to know when to start cooking. 
    • Black or Grey (With flames) – steady on, it’s not ready yet – have another drink and wait. 
    • Glowing white with red centres – ready for direct heat. 
    • Ashy white but still hot – ready for indirect heat or cooking in the coals.


Top 10 garden party ideas

Nobody wants to go to a boring garden party – so make sure that you don’t throw one. Here are some ideas that you can use to spice up your BBQ or garden party.

  1. Throw a themed party! Set a theme and make everyone stick to it. Whether that is a colour theme or a regular theme – it’s up to you. 
  2. Turn it into a wine and cheese tasting afternoon. 
  3. Play vintage games. 
  4. Set up a lemonade stand and serve you own homemade lemonade. 
  5. Make a cake! – View the top 5 cakes that Brits love to eat and serve them up for your guests. 
  6. Have a fire pit where your guests can sit and get warm – give your guests a blanket each to add to the cosiness. 
  7. Grab a bag of marshmallows and roast them over the fire as the sunsets. 
  8. Serve prosecco with hibiscus buds in the flute as a fancy refreshment. 
  9. Prep ice cream before your guests arrive. Scoop ice cream into cupcake liners and decorate with sprinkles. Then place them into the freezer and bring them out for guests as a dessert. 
  10. Hang fairy lights around your garden and in your shrubbery to give your guests a nice surprise at night.


Cool your guests down with ice

The best way to stay cool in the heat is with ice! Here at NEO Direct we have a selection of products which will help keep the adults and even the children cool as the sun beats down. 

Neo 1.7L Electric Ice Cube Maker – When entertaining it is important to have a constant flow of ice available for your guests. They can add it to their drinks to keep them cooler for longer and with the electric ice cube maker you won’t have to worry about keeping the freezer constantly stocked. Ideal for when you are making cocktails, iced smoothies or just regular drinks that need to be chilled, the ice cube maker will keep your guests happy throughout the day. 

If you are looking for something that will keep the children entertained then you should purchase the Snow Cone Maker available here at NEO Direct. The easy to make, delicious snow cones that can be made with the machine will keep your children refreshed and entertained for hours. When the children have gone to sleep there’s no one stopping you from adding a dash of vodka to a slush for a cheeky late night treat. 

Now that you know the essentials and have some top tips for a BBQ including how to make sure that Sandra doesn’t go hungry you are all set and ready to entertain. We hope that you have the best garden party and that your guests are all impressed with your new garden furniture, BBQ food and hosting skills. 

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