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How To Keep Warm This Winter

Keeping warm over the winter months is a challenge that everybody knows all too well. Whether you’re working outdoors or you’ve just returned from a crisp walk in the winter sun, it’s hard to know how to get yourself warm again without jumping straight into the bath! From combatting cold hands to warming up icy room temperatures, we supply the solutions to all of your winter woes here at Neo Direct.


Invest in a soup maker

There’s nothing nicer than returning to a piping hot meal when your toes feel numb, and your stomach is impatiently waiting to be fed. Here at Neo Direct, our soup makers are a great addition to your kitchen. Hassle-free and simple to use, you can enjoy a hearty bowl whenever you want! With multiple settings, you can create a smooth soup or a firm-favourite chunky soup. So whether you want to start healthy eating or are looking for the perfect way to use up your leftovers, our soup makers will keep you feeling warm and fulfilled. Eating healthily will also help you feel warmer, feeding your body with all the nutrients that it needs to feel satisfied for longer. If you’re feeling uninspired when it comes to finding the perfect soup, be sure to read our Soup Recipe blog for new and tasty ideas.


Invest in an instant hot water tap

As the saying goes, a watched pot never boils! After a cold spell, nothing warms you up quite like a piping hot drink. Whether it’s hot chocolate, coffee or tea– it’s perfect for cold hands and is guaranteed to warm you through. With our instant hot water tap here at Neo Direct, you don’t have to wait around for the kettle to boil. The perfect solution for cold days but also busy mornings before work! It’s more important than ever during the winter months to keep your immune system at its best, and with our instant hot water taps, you can make green tea or honey lemon water to keep your vitamin and mineral levels healthy.


Invest in a coffee maker machine

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of coffee, and what better way to start a cold morning than with a piping hot cup? Here at Neo Direct, our coffee maker is the perfect pick-me-up for keeping warm and content this winter. With 6 different functions, you can choose a method which makes your coffee just how you like it. Our coffee maker machine is ideal for a quick and effortless solution to help you feel awake when the weather’s dark and dull. To take your hot drink making to the next level, why not also add a milk frother into your coffee routine which allows you to heat up your milk or create delicious cappuccin


Oil-filled Radiators

If you can’t seem to get warm, whether you’re watching the TV or working from home, our oil-filled radiators are a great way to expel some heat into the room. 

What is an oil-filled radiator?

An oil-filled radiator is a convection heater that allows you to warm up your home quickly and easily. If you’re sitting away from your fixed radiator, our oil-filled radiator can be moved effortlessly so that you can keep yourself warm. If you want to stay away from naked flames, an oil-filled radiator is a great substitute as the oil inside the device is heated up instead of being burned. Investing in an oil-filled radiator will preserve and regulate the temperature of your room to make sure you’re kept toasty and warm. If you’re partaking in a project outside in the shed, garage or workshop– an oil-filled radiator is a vital addition to your space to make sure you’re working at a comfortable temperature.


Fire Pit

So, how do you keep warm outside during winter? Throughout the cooler weather, we rarely get out as much as we usually would, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be making the most out of our outdoor space. Although we may not be inclined to sit and relax outside, it can be great fun to get into the garden and enjoy some of the simple things in life. Here at Neo Direct, our fire pits are great for toasting marshmallows or even for a spot of stargazing while you enjoy a hot meal made with your latest soup maker. Fire pits are a great investment for year-round use, ideal for summer BBQs as well as warming us through during the colder weather.

Although these gadgets will help to keep you warm and regulate your temperature, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to help the process.


Stay active

It’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to get up and move, especially when the weather isn’t so welcoming, but it will help you to fight off feeling cold. Getting your heart and blood pumping will not only keep you feeling happier and healthier, but it will also improve circulation, which will combat the cold. If you’re working from home, stand up and move around regularly– even if it’s just to the kitchen (make the most out of your new hot water tap!) this will help keep your blood flowing.


Layer up clothing

If you’re sat at home and aren’t getting up and moving regularly, you’re more likely to feel the cold. Layering up on clothing will help you retain your body temperature and heat. Whether you layer up your attire with a woolly jumper or wear your slipper socks to prevent your toes from getting cold, layering up doesn’t have to mean you forget about style, have fun with the amalgamation of fashion and functionality! 

We hope that this blog has left you feeling inspired on how to keep warm during the winter. It often feels as though the days are dark and long, but there are some inventive and fun ways to keep yourself toasty over the colder months!

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