Neo Mini Clip Base Mount Desk Fan – White

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Cool down fast with this great clip-able or desktop fan. Stay cool in the heat and enjoy a regular breeze keeping you refreshed at every angle. The clip allows you to mount the fan in just the right angle to keep you cool and refreshed or fit the regular base for normal desktop use. Perfect for use in home & workplaces. This personal 6-inch clip fan has a powerful motor and a high-strength clip that allows it to be mounted to any surface – making it ideal for beds, tables, desks and shelves. This also comes with an additional base so it can sit freestanding for normal use.

A fully adjustable stand allows you to rotate the mini fan a full 360° degrees to change the airflow in any direction of your choosing. 2 Speed Settings to choose between a high-power mode that is perfect for hot summer days and a low-power setting that creates a quiet stream of air which is ideal for use when sleeping.