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Neo Hollywood Vanity Touch Wall Mounted and Freestanding Mirror with 16 LED Bulbs

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More Information

The Neo wall-mounted Hollywood mirror with lights is a luxurious and practical addition to any space, especially in dressing rooms, vanity areas, or professional makeup studios. This mirror is characterised by its distinctive design, featuring a 16 bulb border of bright, evenly spaced lights that provide optimal illumination for grooming and beauty tasks.

  • Features a robust and stylish frame made from materials such as metal, wood, or high-quality plastic. The frame can come in various finishes including glossy, matte, chrome, or painted to match different decor styles.
  • Designed to be securely mounted on the wall, with sturdy mounting hardware included. Some and a tabletop stand option for versatility.
  • Equipped with 16 bulbs around the perimeter of the mirror. These bulbs are LED for energy efficiency, longevity, and cool operation.
  • The bulbs are evenly spaced around the frame to provide uniform lighting, reducing shadows and ensuring a clear, bright reflection.
  • Features dimmable lights, allowing you to adjust the brightness level to suit your needs, from soft ambient light to bright, task-specific illumination.
  • Offers three adjustable colour settings, ranging from warm white to cool daylight, helping you to achieve the perfect lighting for different times of the day or specific makeup looks.
  • Includes touch-sensitive controls on the mirror surface for turning the lights on/off, adjusting brightness, and changing colour.